Textile 标记语言

02 Jan 2012


Textile is a web text markup-language that balances the strength of HTML with speed and ease of editing.

Unlike many wiki or other markup languages, Textile sticks closely to the semantics of HTML, headings for example are represented by ‘h1’, ‘h2’ for <h1> and <h2>. Attaching classes and ids to elements is also easy with Textile.

Textile is used by both blogs and a number of wikis, including the Ruby on Rails instiki powered wiki and by SWiK. Textile does not make a provision for wiki links however, so various wikis have interpreted their own wiki link standards.

Textile implementations

  1. Redcloth – Ruby (我的选择)
  2. Text::Textile – Perl
  3. PyTextile – Python
  4. TextilePHPPHP
  5. Textile4J – Java
  6. JTextile – Java
  7. Textile-J – Java and Eclipse
  8. PLextile – Java


RedCloth is a module for using Textile in Ruby. Textile is a text format. RedCloth acts as a complete Textile processing engine.

因为 Jekyll 是基于 Ruby 的,故选择了同样基于 Ruby 的 RedCloth


使用 RubyGems 安装:

2 $ gem install RedCloth


在 _config.yml 中配置:

markdown: redcloth


可以学习官方的 >>>Textile Quick Reference

也可以使用轻量级的 >>Textism

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